Kiss My Aztec! (Berkeley Repertory Theater and La Jolla Playhouse)

“Easily switching from song to rap to dance, Pérez emerged as the breakout star.” - SF Weekly

“Both Marin and Pérez are winning leads, and bring lots of comedic talent and good voices to their roles. They steal the show.” - Broadway World

“among my favorite parts of “Aztec!,” Pérez definitely is; the actor lends ebullient energy and ace comic timing to Pepe and the show.” - San Diego Union Tribune

“Led by the disarming Joél Pérez as Pepe, a puppet-toting jester, the actors energize the broad spectacle and pull out the comic notes in the often dense lyrics of the songs.” - SF Chronicle

“In the romantic spotlight, Joél Pérez charms completely as sock-puppeteer Pepe” - SF Examiner

Photo by: La Jolla Playhouse

Photo by: La Jolla Playhouse

Photo by: Sara Krulwich

Photo by: Sara Krulwich


Raw Bacon From Poland (Off-Broadway)

"Mr. Perez is giving the kind of instinctive yet disciplined, all-out emotional performance that makes you wonder why he hasn’t been doing Brando-stature parts." - New York Times, Ben Brantley

"Perez gives such a masterful performance that his misery is both nuanced and palpably real. Indeed, Perez's ability to move between calm and explosive, coupled with his skill in wordlessly conveying deeply felt emotion, is remarkable and makes him a performer of tremendous power." - Theater Is Easy

" a solid cast led by Joel Perez... The story revolves around Dennis Toledo (played by Perez with a brimming intensity)" - The Village Voice

"Already angry, violent, macho, and proud, Dennis’s many issues – from divorce and custody battles to drug addiction and poverty – are compounded by PTSD, and the details of his problematic life trickle out beautifully with humor and explosiveness by actor Joel Perez in the lead...Joel Perez does an outstanding job as Dennis" - Plays To See

As You Like It (Shakespeare in the Park, PublicWorks)

"One memorable character is Touchstone, the jester (Joel Perez)... Perez commands the stage with his presence and performance." - ZEALnyc

"Perez struts his rock star mojo in a naughty and hilarious seduction." - Front Row Center

"Joel Perez made a charming Touchstone" - New York Theater Review

Photo by: Joan Marcus

Photo by: Joan Marcus

Photo by: Joan Marcus

Photo by: Joan Marcus


Oedipus El Rey (The Public Theater)

"Joel Perez, giving a quirky performance that delivers" - The Wrap

"Joel Perez, as Jocasta's brother, Creon, is a fun antagonist who owns his time onstage" - EDGE Media Network

"...the superb Joel Perez." - Time Out New York

Sweet Charity (Off-Broadway)

"In an impressively versatile performance, Joel... Perez's distinctive characterizations in each part extend also to his supple vocals." - The Hollywood Reporter

"hilariously versatile Joel Perez" - Vulture

"The tireless Perez gives an outstanding performance of multiple roles that normally require the work of four different actors. Each of his characters is specific and thought-out" - TheaterMania

"The top-notch supporting cast includes... the versatile Joel Perez in four roles" - Entertainment Weekly

"I especially enjoyed Joel Perez, a wonderfully versatile performer in multiple roles" - NY1

Photo by: Monique Carboni

Photo by: Monique Carboni

Photo by: Joan Marcus

Photo by: Joan Marcus


Fun Home (Broadway)

"Joel Perez, with three small roles... nails all of them." - Vulture

"an assortment of the young men who caught his eye over the years (all persuasively played by Joel Perez)." - The New York Times

"Joel Perez, who displays marked versatility as he plays a number of men who enter the family's world." - American Theater Web

Stuck Elevator (American Conservatory Theater, SF)

"Joel Perez is a mesmerizing presence and voice" - Hartford Courant 

"a dazzling Joel Perez" - BroadwayWorld

"a dynamic Joel Perez" - Variety

"Joel Perez deserves praise as well for his role as Guang's coworker Marco, and for adding layers of rap and rhythm to the piece."- SFist

"a terrific Joel Perez" - SFGate

"an electric Joel Perez" - East Bay Times

Photo by: Kevin Berne

Photo by: Kevin Berne

Photo by: Michael Blase

Photo by: Michael Blase


The Mapmaker's Opera (NYMF)

"Perez and Featherby share smoldering chemistry, and their vocals are superb at wringing every drop of impassioned, dreaming longing from the songs." - Talkin' Broadway

"the cast is full of talent, not least of which is the vocally powerful Perez, who is Disney Prince handsome." - TheaterMania

"Joel Perez is delightful as he explores the many facets of his character using his strong, clear and effective baritone." - Theatre Reviews Limited